Monday, September 17, 2018

Coinpot Faucets.

What is Coinpot?

Coinpot is a micro-wallet which stores the cryptocurrencies you claim from the faucets. It is currently supporting Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash. You can withdraw the cryptocurrencies to the normal Crypto wallets after it reaches the desired threshold.

What is a faucet?

Faucet (Literal meaning tap). In crypto world faucet is something similar to tap. Faucet are sites which gives small amount of cryptocurrencies for free as a tap gives some amount of water. Sometimes this small amount of coins is called rain. So, to get free coins all you have to do is enter your wallet address or the email linked to the microwallet(Coinpot), solve captcha to prove you are a human and watch some ads. This ads are the source of income for the faucets. 

How to earn from faucets?

If you want to earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for completely free and with no investment you can follow these steps.

1. Create an Online Wallet ( Crypto wallet)

There is many cyptocoins wallet but i prefer Coinbase. It is easy to use and is supported in many Countries.

2.  Create an account on coinpot

You will need an coinpot account to store the coins you claim from faucets for free. Go to Coinpot and create an account.

3. Claim from faucets

Go to following sites enter you email address linked to coinpot, solve captcha and click on claim button some amount of cryptocurrency will be added to your coinpot wallet. After a particular threshold you can withdraw the cryptocurrency to Coinbase or other wallet from coinbase.

Here is a list of All Coinpot Wallets.

Faucet Name Payment Claim Amount Claim Duration Direct Links
MoonDogecoinDogecoin0.02 DOGE5 mins Click Here
MoonLitecoinLitecoin36 Litoshis5 mins Click Here
MoonDashcoinDashcoin11 Satoshis5 mins Click Here
MoonBitcoinCashBitcoincash5 Satoshis5 mins Click Here
MoonBitcoinBitcoin4satoshis60 mins Click Here
BitfunBitcoin10 Satoshis15 mins Click Here
BonusBitcoinBitcoin10 Stoshis15 mnis Click Here

4. Withdraw from coinpot

Once you reached the threshold in the coinpot wallet you can withdraw the coins to your normal cryptocurrency wallet(coinbase). On the withdrawal section in coinpot enter the address of the coin click on the withdraw button. You coins will be transferred within 48 hrs to your wallet.

Tips to earn more from coinpot

1. Claim atleast once per day this will increase the loyalty bonus.
2. Convert the coinpot tokens you earn to the bitcoin or other coin when the price is low.
3. Refer more users as you get lifetime referral bonus.
4.Start Mining in Bitcoin faucet to earn Mining Bonus.

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