Monday, October 1, 2018

Earn Bitcoin or Dollars by Solving Captchas.

Are you annoyed by pop ups and the faucet claims with no Payout. 2Captcha is there to rescue you. You will get credited for each Captcha you solve here.

What is 2Captcha?

2Captcha is a human-powered image and CAPTCHA recognition service. As a earner you can solve captcha to earn money(can withdraw with Bitcoin) As a developer send your API to solve the captcha. As a customer protect your site with Captcha.

How to earn from 2captcha?

Earning money with 2Captcha is simple. You Just have to solve captcha, and you will be rewarded.

1. Sign up from Here

2. Enter the details.

3.  Go to dashboard and start solving captchas.

4. For some initial captchas you won't be paid as they will test if you are solving the captchas or abusing the system. Once you solve minimum captchas you will start earning.

5. You can withdraw the amount as low as 1$

More about 2captchas.

1.  There are 2 types of captchas in 2captcha (Normal and Recaptcha) Recaptcha pays more than that of normal image captcha.
2. You can withdraw your earnings in Bitcoin, Payeer, Webmoney, Advcash,Perfect Money, Uphold cash
3. Payments are processed daily(working day) once.
4. Best thing there is no annoying ads and popups, easy to earn online.
5. Only drawback is that it pays very low. However, they pays are similar that of many bitcoin faucets. So if we you are claim from faucets this will not be an issue.

Payout Proof -

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Coinut - Trading in Bitcoin

What is CoinUT?

COINUT (COIN Ultimate Trading) is a cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Singapore, with subsidiaries in North America and Europe. COINUT was designed to make it easier, faster and more secure for people all over the world to trade cryptocurrencies and their derivatives. The company is backed by Boost VCin Sillicon Valley and NUS Enterprise in Singapore. COINUT was the first to provide exchange traded Bitcoin Options.

How do I earn from CoinUT?

You can trade Bitcoins in Coinut. However if you don't want to invest any money you can get free Litecoins from Coinut.

Coinut is offering SIGNUP bonus where you can earn 0.002-0.005 LTC for free. You can also refer your friends to earn more, So signup now and start referring.

How do I get the signup Bonus?

1.  Go to Coinut (Referal code :- p4n, Use this if it doesn't get applied automatically).
Using referral code will fetch extra bonus.

2. Fill the details and click on signup.

3.  After confirming the account. Go to referral tab.  There you can get upto 0.012 LTC for signup bonus.

4. Even more you can bring your friends on Coinut to get 0.002 LTC on each referral.

After all you can trade on coinut to earn a lot of cryptocurrency. 

Payment Proof:- 

Till date i have got 3 Payments from coinut.  I am posting the screenshot for that.

Terms and condition for CoinUT refer and earn:- 

  1. Bonus payments are currently handled manually, so there could be a few days delay. Commission rebates are processed on a monthly basis.
  2. Your friends should register using your referral link. Directly registered accounts will not be paid.
  3. Duplicated account will not be paid.
  4. Abusing this referral program will get your account disabled without any notice.
  5. Using proxies/VPNs will result in disqualification. (This does not apply if phone number is verified)
  6. For multiple accounts with the sam IP address, only the first account registered will receive the bonus.
  7. Miscommunicating the information or doing anything that hurts Coinut brand will result in disqualification.
  8. By using the referral link, you automatically agree to our Introducing Broker Agreement.

Hourly Faucets for free Cryptocurrency.

In this faucets you can earn different cryptocurrencies for free.You can claim free coins once in an hour.

Here is a list of all the trusted hourly faucets.
As of now you can earn BTC, DOGE, NEM,ADA,XRP.
You can earn 0.002$ to 200$ worth of coins on each roll.
Minimum payouts is listed in a table.

Faucet Name Coin ModeofPayment Min Withdraw Direct Links
CoinFaucetRippleDirect1 XRP Click Here
Free NemNEMDirect1 XEM Click Here
Free CardanoCardanoDirect1 ADA Click Here
Free BitcoinBitcoin Direct0.00014200 BTC Click Here
Free Bitcoin 2Bitcoin Direct0.00030000 BTC Click Here
Free DogeDogecoinDirect50 DOGE Click Here

All the above faucets are similar.
Following is a guide to earn Bitcoins from Here

How to earn from Free Bitcoins? 

1. Go to this link

2. Click on signup.

3. Enter the email address, password. Solve the Captcha and click on Signup option.

4. After you successfully signed up. Click on FREE BTC

5. Then solve the captcha and click on ROLL Button.

6. After successfull roll you will get free Bitcoins.

7.  You can claim from all the above mentioned faucets to earn a lot of cryptocurrency.

You can withdraw the coins once you reach the withdrawal threshold. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

ADBtc - Earn Bitcoins for free for viewing websites.

Adbtc is more than a bitcoin faucets. It this site advertiser promote their site and you watch those sites to get bitcoin in return. You can withdraw those coin to faucethub or normal Bitcoin Wallet.

How to earn Bitcoins from ADbtc?

1. Go to AD BTC.

2. Sign up for ADbtc. 

3. After registering, on ADBTC, Click on start earning BTC.

4. Solve the captcha. Asked once in 5-6 times.

5. Click on open button.

6. A  new tab will be opened with timer (here 60 sec). Best thing about this site is that you don't have to view the tab for 60 sec. You can continue your work on other tab.  After 60 sec (35.7 Satoshis will be credited to your account.)

7. You can view all the sites untill all is finished.

More ways to earn in ADbtc.

1. Surf Ads :- It is the normal way to earn Bitcoin as described earlier.

2. Auto Surf :- In this 4-5 sites run automatically but the claim amount is less.

3. Surf in Active Window :- In this mode you have to watch the complete ad you can't switch tab. Claim Amount is more.

Advertising in Adbtc: -

You can advertise your sites and the referral links in this site. You can also use the earning you got by surfing ads. 

Proof of Payment :-

This is the best site i can across to earn Bitcoin.

Here i am posting my current wallet balance in Adbtc and the withdrawal proof

Monday, September 17, 2018

Coinpot Faucets.

What is Coinpot?

Coinpot is a micro-wallet which stores the cryptocurrencies you claim from the faucets. It is currently supporting Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash. You can withdraw the cryptocurrencies to the normal Crypto wallets after it reaches the desired threshold.

What is a faucet?

Faucet (Literal meaning tap). In crypto world faucet is something similar to tap. Faucet are sites which gives small amount of cryptocurrencies for free as a tap gives some amount of water. Sometimes this small amount of coins is called rain. So, to get free coins all you have to do is enter your wallet address or the email linked to the microwallet(Coinpot), solve captcha to prove you are a human and watch some ads. This ads are the source of income for the faucets. 

How to earn from faucets?

If you want to earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for completely free and with no investment you can follow these steps.

1. Create an Online Wallet ( Crypto wallet)

There is many cyptocoins wallet but i prefer Coinbase. It is easy to use and is supported in many Countries.

2.  Create an account on coinpot

You will need an coinpot account to store the coins you claim from faucets for free. Go to Coinpot and create an account.

3. Claim from faucets

Go to following sites enter you email address linked to coinpot, solve captcha and click on claim button some amount of cryptocurrency will be added to your coinpot wallet. After a particular threshold you can withdraw the cryptocurrency to Coinbase or other wallet from coinbase.

Here is a list of All Coinpot Wallets.

Faucet Name Payment Claim Amount Claim Duration Direct Links
MoonDogecoinDogecoin0.02 DOGE5 mins Click Here
MoonLitecoinLitecoin36 Litoshis5 mins Click Here
MoonDashcoinDashcoin11 Satoshis5 mins Click Here
MoonBitcoinCashBitcoincash5 Satoshis5 mins Click Here
MoonBitcoinBitcoin4satoshis60 mins Click Here
BitfunBitcoin10 Satoshis15 mins Click Here
BonusBitcoinBitcoin10 Stoshis15 mnis Click Here

4. Withdraw from coinpot

Once you reached the threshold in the coinpot wallet you can withdraw the coins to your normal cryptocurrency wallet(coinbase). On the withdrawal section in coinpot enter the address of the coin click on the withdraw button. You coins will be transferred within 48 hrs to your wallet.

Tips to earn more from coinpot

1. Claim atleast once per day this will increase the loyalty bonus.
2. Convert the coinpot tokens you earn to the bitcoin or other coin when the price is low.
3. Refer more users as you get lifetime referral bonus.
4.Start Mining in Bitcoin faucet to earn Mining Bonus.